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The United States has been blessed with many of the most wonderful natural wonders in the world, such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Niagara water falls. They’re staples which are a part of the very culture and individuality of america. Seldom would a person, consider the Florida Everglades as a natural wonder alongside these great places, but that’s because most people do not understand exactly what the Florida Everglades are.

The Florida Everglades have very unique conditions. People often mistake the marshland environment with a swamp, but it is truly a river, and the widest river in the world for that matter, spanning almost from shore to shore of the Southern Peninsula of Florida ranging from 60 to 110 kilometers wide. The flow of water into the Gulf of Mexico is very slow, allowing it to possess extensive sweet, brackish, and salt water environments, and higher temperature water than many rivers making it ideal for reptiles. Some plants that thrive in the special conditions of the Everglades are almost non-existent everywhere, like the water plant known as Sawgrass, which develops in what appear to be endless prairies in the Everglades.

The wildlife has attracted support of environmentalists, preservationists, and bird-watching advocating groups from around the world to support the delicate ecosystem.  Edgewood Wildlife Removal

These traits, and the uniqueness, richness, and variety of wildlife within its borders, have earned it the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Everglades have had to contend with human influence, and the needs for land for agriculture and residential building, which have decreased the size of the Everglades to about half of what it had been a century ago. Hunting, pollution, and pesticides have ruined and reduced the wildlife population to an estimated one tenth of what it was a century ago. The depletion trends have been so alarming, that protective legislation was enacted protecting wildlife, banning construction, and protecting the water quality and flow to save the habitat. Although there is hope, stopping these trends is a massive undertaking, and the future is always uncertain. Seeing the majesty of the pristine wildlife in the Everglades is a chance now, but couldn’t be around in the future, like the many frontier lands throughout history, which today are gone.

As they are so extensive, there are hundreds of tours of the Florida Everglades from the numerous Indian reservations, state parks, and tourism centers throughout the Central, Western, and Southern State of Florida. For those who, more than just the shuttle transport service to the Everglades, would like to experience them more fully, it’s advisable to consider tours which have an air boat ride, which provide the chance to go into the wilderness, and watch the wildlife upfront while enjoying the wind and soul of setting off on an adventure. Visitors in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, can take Florida Everglades tours which visit Holiday Park, the setting of the renowned Animal Planet show”Gator Boys”. The park operates large and secure air ships, and contains an alligator show on the premises, which is very interesting, and enlightening.

The Everglades, are here now, and are an opportunity to experience a unique wildlife habitat that is a National pride of the USA, alongside the many other great natural wonders that the country has been blessed with.

Florida Everglade

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