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Do-It-Yourself projects are fun to do. From simple things you can find at home to something more useful and enjoyable, it could turn to be an immediate home decoration spree that everyone can follow and admire. Engaging yourself into this sort of actions also hones your skills, making you improve in the craft that you’re inclined to do.

What’s good about Do-It-Yourself projects is that you can customize and make it more personalized depending on your preference. You can improve your creative skills and use the materials which are no longer useful at home. You get to recycle and make something out of the things that are left unnoticed inside your home.

In accordance, here are some of the best and must-try Do-It-Yourself projects you can try at home:

Wall Art

In putting up your home wall art, you can make use old artworks framed beautifully or even create your own frame based on what matches your wall. You can also hang some old photographs of your relatives or places you have been to to provide a more personal touch. For creative artists who would like to up their ante, making a mural on the wall would be a challenging yet fulfilling DIY job to do at home. You can start with little symbols like hearts, Deerfield Beach Wildlife Removal and clouds or go wild by painting a whole wall with a safari themed painting. The kids’ area is a perfect place to check your drawing and painting skills.

Upside-down Planter

Cut the bottle in half and turn it into a pot. Customize it by labeling each planter the title of the seed or the plant you are growing. Herbs would also look lovely inside these make-shift pots. You can hang several of them just by your kitchen window.

Sharpie Mug

Use a Sharpie to add messages or names on the cups. Also, unleash your creativity by drawing a number of your favorite artworks on the cups and then turn it to some good artisans. Sharpies come in different colors too so you’ll practically enjoy drawing distinct artworks onto your favorite mugs at home.

Nail Polish Key Covers

Paint the head of this key using a nail polish in a variety of colors so you can fully remember what key is for that which doorway. In this manner, you can save time on finding what key would fit on the door gap. You can even use glittered nail polish to create old looking keys look magnificent.

Colorful Window Shutters

Old wooden shutters may look outdated but with a dash of paint or varnish, the complete look of your shutters will greatly improve. Bold colors like bright orange and yellow will be a hit for 2016. You may explore these colors when renovating and updating the look of your window treatments at home.

Turn your old shirts into tote bags which you can use while doing the groceries. Customize the cut-outs of your shirts; put on some layouts and statements if you would like to. Old pants may also be converted into nice and sturdy tote bags, too.


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